Light.. sound.. Roll Camera…. Action !!!

These are four words but life moves around in real and also in reel.

The movie wouldn’t lead to success if cinematography of the film goes wrong.

When every act of society are seen and conceptualized in a dramatic and filmy way in this century then why you lag behind!! From politics to marriage and in celebration of any events, if you retrospect, then it seems that the life no more wants to stick to the charmless traditions. Now you and I somewhere felt that, we are too not less talented, we too can celebrate our vision and mission equally worthy to live and inspire others to live.

The mushroom growth of you tubers; as if in every second house in the downtown lives a “You Tuber” and a creative person but all don’t have the technical abilities like cinematography skills to establish their concept and execution of the visions. So they are unable to collect TRP and million clicks because they don’t have a formal degree or diploma in this trade which is quite important for a career growth.  If you look around the peoples’ leaders crowding the politics are from creative art or performing arts. People admire them and are voting for them, because individuality and glamour are given priority now-a-days always.

The panoramic vision of career is quite necessary to enrich your knowledge and lives. But a few are concerned to this process of deciding a career. The rat race for Engineering, Medical Science and Business Management are traditional and hard yielding professions. These always not bring you the job satisfaction; you are in search of, because some where it’s a guided decision not of your own. It’s a traditional social process. But if you take a panoramic vision of different professions and career growth with job satisfaction, no doubt you will find a chain of better professional career courses ready to give you and nurture a very bright future income, popularity and individuality.

In India, the starting salary range of a “Trained cinematographer” into any business is between INR 5lakhs per annum. A little practical experience and a Diploma may provide a salary push of INR 5crores & more per annum and more. If you have the skills and interested for creative career then this career is most sought after for you. Freelance cinematographers can earn anywhere between Rs. 5,000-10,000 per day. but Cinematographer working as an assistant can get between Rs. 15,000 to Rs.

XCFTI, Xavier College of Film and Television India is ready to boost the career prospect of this profession to next level with accurate practical training and documentary live projects as well with the help of future technology and skills. It has a commitment to give the best cinematographers to the industry just in a year. Be the visual ace of the screen with XCFTI Diploma in Cinematography

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