One year Diploma in Film making as career – The Smart Decision


No two similar products ever called a Creativity. World doesn’t like to limits the culture with its limited resources as it was in ancient times. We are way ahead due to rapid growth in technology and unlimited resources we have at present. No looking back. Look forward and reach your goals within your planned time.

Literally every shoot you’re on, is going to be different and is going to throw you curveballs you have to adapt to. If you have access to a camera and possibly some audio and lighting equipment, take on some free video work or make a video with your friends.

So  “filmmaking” is a good Career  option and syllabus. Do each thing you’re interested in combined, like writing, cinematography editing , performing, sound recording, mixing and producing for a semester or two, then switch to the next as a professional within a Year. Be independent with your creativity.

” I never finished my bachelors and I don’t believe that any one film course could teach you everything –  however if you find one that covers these basics, you’d be off to a good start: – Elijah Lee Reeder, Film Maker, USA


  • Different lighting techniques
  • What type of equipment to invest in (cameras, tripods, gimbals, audio recorders, lights, computers with enough processing power, etc)
  • How to use said equipment
  • Understanding aperture, ISO, shutter speed, frame-rate, and resolution
  • Audio and Mixing
  • Editing in either Premiere or Final Cut X
  • How to use After Effects
  • How to conduct an interview”

The biggest benefit to a filmmaking course is: Knowledge.

When taking a course in filmmaking, you will be able to explore different formats of cinema and enjoy your learning and development. … Courses will help you have a focused job role and find the best of your ability. Besides wider job-finding opportunities, you will be able to enjoy – XCFTI Diploma in Film Making Cuttack that provides professional and personal development.”

The benefit of a filmmaking course depends on your level of experience, as well as the course you’re taking. If you’re an amateur and are looking to improve or develop your skills, a filmmaking course could be really insightful for you.

You may try for a seat in the leading film making institutes or colleges like XCFTI, Cuttack , FTI and many more.

XCFTI Cuttack is equipped with latest Digital Curriculum from Pre-Production to Post-Production of Films, Advertisements and Over the Top Television (OTT) content, visual effects and Motion Graphics for the upbringing of its students besides conventional approaches.

Explore the platform that provides knowledge and zest to establish the changes.

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