MD Message

Dilip Maharana

Managing Director

Welcome to the world of XCFTI .

Its truly an amazing facts for me to share with you that coming era in the modern world will bring a revolutionary evolution in the Film industry .we are in the turning point of moderation of digital age .Currently film making is no more a rocket science ,you just need to lunch yourself in right platform .

When someone mentions a film making, most people think of location shooting—depending on their generation .but now it’s a like systematic study like other professional study .
“I am very pleased to be here with all of you to release this remarkable statements on “ filmmaking “ acclaimed as “the greatest Art “, it is a kind of The Master Work which accomplish with in depth creativity ,keen observation on character, strong even best talent of conceptualization more ever its a systematic study of events and its implementation as well .

Well, let me admit before the aspirant that XCFTI is one the finest and complete solution for those who really wants to see himself /herself as iconic in film industry .
Xavier college of film & television is a brand of confidence & achievements. All the team members including Teaching & production unit members all are enrich with years of experience and dedicated towards our students with great care and affection.
Students another amazing fact I need to share with you tghat we have design a internship programme in the syllabus which is really working too great that help our students to get a practical exposure towards actual film industry orientation module
Again we welcome to all those aspirants who really wants to grow along with future billionaire industry .

See you soon with great career proposal and commitment .